Our CLEAN+SAFE Commitment to Guests


Cleanliness and safety is always a priority for us at La Bastide de Correns and we pride ourselves on the consistent high standard of accommodation that we offer our guests.  In addition to maintaining those standards, we’d like to share with you the additional processes put in place as a result of COVID-19, for the protection of our guests.

Property management

The management of the property is carried out personally by Patrick and myself, assisted by Virginia who lives in the village and cleans for us exclusively.


We will continue to maintain our excellent cleaning standards, using non-chemical products such as savon de Marseille, lemon, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and linseed oil.


In addition to our standard deep clean, we will be using a solution containing 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to disinfect all hard surfaces, kitchen appliances, waste bins, recycling bins, hairdryers, washing machine, clothes dryer, iron, ironing board, door handles, light switches, ceiling fan controls, entertainment systems, remote controls and the door keys. 

Kitchen supplies

As well as a fresh supply of kitchen towels, dishcloths, kitchen paper, we will now be supplying microfibre cloths, an all-purpose cleaning solution, disinfectant wipes and liquid hand soap for use during your stay.

Household linens

Our laundry is managed on-site.  Fabrics are washed at the highest possible temperature, with a hydrogen peroxide solution added to gently disinfect bedlinen, bath towels and bathmats.  Blankets, mattress toppers and all protective covers are changed between guest arrivals.


Indoor sofa covers that require dry cleaning, have been protected with machine washable temporary covers and the dining chair cushions are replaced between guest arrivals.  Unfortunately, we have had to take the decision to remove all non-essential soft furnishings such as bed valences, decorative cushions and throws, as they cannot be laundered and replaced in the time available between guest arrivals.


We will re-wash all crockery, utensils, glassware and kitchenware prior to your arrival.


The TV, DVD, internet radio, wifi box and remote controls will be disinfected between guest arrivals.   We will no longer be able to supply our lovely magazines for you to flick through.

Swimming pool

Our private swimming pool is for your exclusive use during your stay.  Our pool is cleaned on a daily basis and the chlorine levels monitored.  The sunbeds, furniture, parasols and the outdoor shower will be cleaned and disinfected between guest arrivals.

Extended cleaning time

The turnaround between check ins which has previously taken 4 hours, will now take longer, as a result of this we can no longer be as flexible with checkin and checkout times.


Whilst cleaning and preparing the house for your arrival, Virginia and myself will wear protective masks and gloves and at any time that we need to enter the property during your stay.

Currently in France, the regulations require everyone to practice social distancing, wear a mask and use anti-bacterial gel when entering any indoor public spaces.  We respectively request that guests bring an adequate supply of masks and anti-bacterial gel for your personal use while in the area.


We want you to have a happy and a relaxing holiday at La Bastide de Correns this year.  Whilst Patrick and myself do our best to remain invisible during your stay, we are Irish, and always enjoy extending a warm welcome to our guests when they arrive.  In the past we have walked through the house and explained the facilities, however, this year we must keep everyone healthy and safe so we will do the meet and greet outdoors.

Guest information

Instead of providing the Welcome Book at the house, will send this document in PDF format ahead of your arrival and we are always available if you would like information on the area.  We have a stock of up to date tourist information, brochures and maps which you can ask me for it if you wish, or you can pick them up at the tourist office.   

I will also put a list of recommendations and contact info in the house, freshly printed for each guest arrival.